Saturday, 25. March 2017, 20:00

Duo concert Mich Gerber and Andi Pupato (perc)
Bürgersaal Rathaus 
Adults Fr. 30.- 
Students Fr. 25.- 
Reservation: 041 970 20 83

Rathausbühne Willisau
Friday, 16. June 2017, 19:00

 "The blue hour and its creatures"
Concert of Mich Gerber (double bass) and Andi Pupato (percussion, electronics), surrounded by statuary art and sculptures created by Roman Steiner, André Kummer and co.
Before and after: tasty food and great people to talk to at the restaurant Ochsen Oltingen!

Ochsen Oltingen
Friday, 23. June 2017, 23:15

 Mittsommer Festival am Simmenfall
..further information will follow.

Mittsommer Festival am Simmenfall
Saturday, 19. August 2017, 21:00

Klöntal concert under the open sky
Dinner and staying over night at the Gasthaus Richisau. Concert on top of a hill on a vista point, env. 10 minutes walk from the Hotel.
Mich Gerber (double bass) with Andi Pupato (perc, electronics), Roli Schiltknecht (dulcimer) 
CHF 30, reservation:, 055 640 10 85