Mich Gerber - Sound magician with double bass

Mich Gerber is a bassist and composer.

With his double-bass he uses a live sampling technique to create layers of music, weaving the whole into a rich rhythmic and melodic soundscape. This way, he extends the complete acoustic range of his instrument.

He leads us through a world of overtones with his original approach and percussive rhythm, occasionally employing modern 'noise' effects. Mich Gerber explores all the techniques available to the modern double-bassist from plucking, bowing and using the instrument as a percussive tool forming, in effect, a solo acoustic 'bass orchestra'.

But even though his music has a contemporary feel, he explores ancient tone systems to achieve his unique sound. In his contempory music Mich Gerber plays time and again with archaic tone systems and elements. Sacred, abstract and oriental touches within his original compositions enable listeners to enter into different worlds. On his recordings, which he produces with his long-time friend Gert Stäuble, the music is combined with acoustic and electronic drums and percussive and electronic elements and noise, coupled with the appearance of guest musicians.

It makes perfect sense that Mich Gerber's first love was painting. His double bass-heavy world fusion compositions are picturesque and potent. Each brooding piece seems to suggest a narrative, a sense of place, a sweeping vision or emotional journey. Drawing from Middle Eastern traditions, ambient electronica, orchestral chamber works and exploratory jazz, this masterful upright bassist weaves together an expressive tapestry with his varied techniques, from string bowing to percussive slaps. Mystery Bay paints the picture of a dark, ominous cloud with silver lining aplenty. - CDBaby